Throw some confetti and pop the champagne! You're getting married! 

Relationships + community + love + beautiful people + art = my passion

10 of my favorite things...

1. Any body of water, preferably the ocean!
2. Judges 6:12
3. My rescue dog, Tippy! 
4. Wildflowers, Dahlias, and Peonies!
5. Gilmore Girls
6. Lambrusco (Literally the BEST red wine ever)
7. Dolly Parton is my absolute favorite. I've been obsessed with her ever since I was 2. 
8. Swimming
9. Chocolate and coffee (hello iced caramel macchiato).
10. Finding new gluten free recipes! 

3 fun facts about me!

1. I grew up competitively swimming for 10 years! 
2. I have Celiac Disease but I'm also in love with bagels, cupcakes, everything so if you have GF recipes, send them over!
3. My hair is 100% natural and I once got the nickname 'Simba' because of it.