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May 16, 2019

Meet Your Photographer | Rachael Caddell Photography

Hey girl! I’m so glad you made your way over to my website. I am honestly THRILLED. I would love to share a little about me, how I got to where I am, and what I love to do! So first things first, I’m a 20 something year old low-country girl currently living in the upstate of SC. I am pretty much obsessed with the beach and any body of water. I grew up in Charleston where I went to school at Goose Creek and then moved to Greenwood to go to Lander University. I graduated in May of 2018 with my BS in Communications and PR! Currently, I work at a garden company as a copywriter and a social media strategist. I love plants and my porch is covered in them! I have a rescue dog named Tippy, he’s sort of psycho but really sweet. He loves to play and loves other dogs WAY more than he loves people.

I started photography back in 2014 when I started college and enrolled in some photography classes with the best professor, Jon Holloway. I swore up and down that I would never do weddings! I loved the simplicity yet mystery of landscape and that’s all I did for about 3 years. I second shot for some friends and eventually reached out to a mentor of mine for a mentor session and immediately got hooked. I haven’t stopped since and I don’t plan too! I specialize in couples and weddings with a little mix of family as well! But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to travel and am always on the go so with my camera in hand, I still capture landscapes as well!

If I’m not at a wedding, you can find me binge-watching The Office for the 5th..or 6th time? Ah who’s counting! Or you can find me at the beach back home in Charleston or probably in another country! I can’t wait to meet you in person and grab a coffee or margarita! Chat soon!!


–Your photographer, Rachael